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(hereinafter: The Umbrella Group)

To Whom it may Concern

Be it known that a resolution was taken at the 16th Annual National Republican Convention at Margaret River WA on Saturday, 18 May, 2002 and reconfirmed at a National Executive Meeting of The Party on Thursday, 7 February, 2008 to the effect that: Privacy of the Memberships of Republican Party of Australia (The Australian Republicans) 

  1.  Shed A Tier! (Regional Governments Now! and Abolish State Governments!)
  2.  Land Value Taxation Society of Australia
  3. Republican Wine Club 
  4. Sustainable Land Management Trust
  5. Advocacy for Multi-Party Democracy
  6. Campaign for Australian Constitutional Change 

was of utmost/paramount importance to the National Executive of The Umbrella Group and that, as such, secrecy would be maintained to the extent necessary to ensure each and every Members’ personal contact information was restricted and kept confidential except in the case of the re-Registering political party, viz: The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA (“The Party”) whose Membership List must be divulged to the Federal Electoral Authority, viz: The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) when called upon to do so or when, triennially, the AEC was auditing the books and records of The Party.

The resolution was extended to adopt a form of words which would comprise a PRIVACY GUARANTEE for:

   (a) Membership of The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA (The Party) and the six (6) other complementary bodies of The Party;

   (b) Persons who bought Guessing Competition Tickets or other items of merchandise/social education kits, etc., from whichever body, whenever; and

   (c) Persons who in any one financial year gave up to $1,499 to The Party or one of The Party’s complementary bodies as a Donation.

The PRIVACY GUARANTEE reads as follows:

All personal information provided on this form/butt/receipt will not be used for any other purpose than as Data Base reference material for The REPUBLICANS Umbrella Group. It will not be copied, sold or passed on to any other outside organisation or individual. 

In this context, follow-up by mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, etc., can only occur with the complete authority of The National Executive of The REPUBLICANS. This means, explicitly, that The National Executive Director of The Party must authorise individuals to go about such follow-up e.g., for (further) fund-raising purposes or to invite people to certain events etc.

Peter Consandine
National Executive Director

07 February 2008



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