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The Republicans is an Umbrella Group of which The Republican Party of Australia (RPA) is the party political wing.


The RPA is a Federally-registered political party first registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on 9 October, 1992.


The RPA is a secular-humanist, free enterprise, futuristic, libertarian party of the Enlightened Centre.
The RPA is – in every respect – a party of ‘Change Agents’.


The RPA has absolutely no links – neither directly nor indirectly – with the American Republican Party. And never has had links with the American Republican Party.


The RPA is, naturally enough, dedicatedly pro-Republic but it is an organisation that champions People’s Sovereignty and it is, therefore, a Party that advocates Direct Election of Australian (non-foreigner) Heads of State.


The RPA is an ALL-Australian political co-operative for ALL like-minded Australian Republicans.


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